Elephant Concepts is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and is part of the Beautiful Silks trading partnership. It is Australian representative of Vikasana Institute of Rural Development .

Phone- 03-9016-7745

Fax - 03-94158745

Email - elephant@elephantconcepts.com

Skype: elephant-au. (this may divert to any of our other skype-connected businesses, so if the phone is answered in another name simply ask for the elephant).

Street address and traditional-mail: 105 Victoria St, Fitzroy 3065 Victoria.

Map 2C-A7, just off Brunswick St.

Click here for picture of the building, map and public transport details.


Elephant Properties, Area 2, 29 Brown St, Allansford Vic 3277
Phone 03-9016 0782 Mob 0438577144
email elephant@elephant.net.au Skype elephant-au
TRANSPORT:Train from Spencer St to Warrnambool then Bus no 9 to Allansford General Store

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